From yesterday to today

Süper Textil was established in 1990 and became an integrated facility by establishing a factory building in Çorlu in 1997, a yarn processing facility in 1998, a product dyeing facility in 1999, a weaving facility in 2001 and a printing facility in 2002.

Among the Leaders of the Sector

Today, one of the top 3 brands of Super Textile textile sector in Turkey has an important place in terms of brand recognition in the world market.



As of the installation of 1997, there are fancy fabric qualities such as polyester, cotton / polyester, cotton, linen, viscose, chenille among the products produced from our weaving looms, which have been expanded with today's most modern machines to give the best quality to the fabric. It has an annual production capacity of 6,500,000 m.

Regular Dyeing

Our flat dye machine park, which was included in our production line in 2002, was selected in accordance with home textiles. Operations performed on flat dyeing machines; disperse dyeing, reactive dyeing, disperse + reactive dyeing, bleaching, firing, acrylic dyeing and nylon dyeing processes.

Technical Textile

Super Textil has added Technical textile products to its home textile products, which it has offered to its customers for many years, with the modern machine park it established as of 2011.


As Super Textil, we are proud of having the most advanced technology, the best staff and the best quality in producing printed products.

Design Center and R&D

The colors, patterns and models used by Süper Textil are determined by the Design Center and our R&D department.


Our apparel department was established in line with our rapidly developing customer demands, in order to present our quality in ready-made products.


News from Super Textile

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Mehmet Yasubuğa

We rise without compromising our principles.

Super Textil produces curtains for people to live in more beautiful home environments with the achievements to be shown in the field of home textiles, while it is universally accepted in all areas of life, with its environmentally conscious production and customer-oriented working system, by presenting a corporate culture that lives in world-class values ​​and set an example worldwide aims.