Quality Policy

Our aim as Super Textile AŞ; Beyond customer expectations, we adopt that our most important product will be “Quality” based on Total Quality Management in all our processes. Our business culture is not to control quality but to produce.

Under this understanding and opinion;

  • Ensures that customer demands are met in the most appropriate and short time with the belief that quality is conformity to customer requests and needs.
  • Our company applies the quality management system based on the process to increase customer satisfaction, reviews the effectiveness of the system and provides the necessary resources for continuous improvement.
  • Provides the necessary facilities for the continuous improvement of the quality and the production of the finished product and service in accordance with the quality definition for the continuation of the training activities of all its personnel and the participation of them in the quality team works.
  • Acts aware of its responsibility to the environment and society while conducting its activities.
  • Plans and implements all activities required to fulfill customer requirements and legal requirements.
  • In Super Textile, quality management is the responsibility of all employees under the leadership of senior management and our employees act with this responsibility awareness.