The message of the president

Super Textil produces curtains for people to live in more beautiful home environments with the achievements to be shown in the field of home textiles, while it is universally accepted in all areas of life, with its environmentally conscious production and customer-oriented working system, by presenting a corporate culture that lives in world-class values and set an example worldwide. aims.

Super Textile, global curtain fashion and guiding the trend holds about 1000 people, providing employment and as one of the leading institutions of the curtain sector in Turkey which exports to more than 60 countries around the world dr.deco and the main licensee of the Garden brand. Super Holding, which shows the Turkish designs and production power offered for sale in 4 continents to the whole world; It has adopted the principle of superior service and has successfully strengthened its presence by transferring its proven success in the home textile sector to the construction and tourism, food, electricity and energy sectors. Super Holding continues to contribute to the national economy by investing in new projects.

Super Textil is dedicated to curtain production to enable people to live in better residential environments; It aims to present a world-class corporate culture and set an example globally with its working system that will be accepted and recognized worldwide, and follows environmentally friendly operations by focusing on a customer-oriented approach.

Our company, which has adopted the principle of modern and superior quality products with a customer-oriented approach and respect for ethical values, continues to work with flexible, fast, fair and honest scientific methods that value and respect differences.

Nowadays it has become one of the leading brands of the textile sector in Turkey Super Textiles; It has an important place in terms of brand awareness in the world market.